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We represent International Clients based in Washington DC, in 50 states and globally.  ( Read more “ Local Lives, Global ties: Immigration Stories How We Got Here,” the immigration speech of our Firm’s founder,  at the Smithsonian 2010 Folklife Festival,  Washington, DC).


We speak English, Filipino and Tagalog. We represent Filipinos in the Philippines, local  Filipino-Americans , and Global Filipinos who work overseas. ( Read  More:  Our immigration Services Beyond 100 years of Filipino immigration to the U.S.)


We are a Washington DC Immigration law firm, providing first class legal services  for over 15 years in the heart of Washington, DC We are a walk from the U.S. Passport Office, the World Bank and Metro Stations/public transportation (www.wmata.com).    

WHAT WE DO (Read more our Practice Areas):  

  • FAMILY-BASED PETITIONS-- We help  U.S. citizens (USC)  or legal permanent residents (LPR)  and their  foreign born relatives -- reunite in the U.S.
  • EMPLOYMENT-BASED  PETITIONS-- We help eligible U.S. employers  and foreign born employees, advance  businesses in the U.S.,  through employment-based petitions  (professional, skilled and unskilled;  temporary and permanent workers).
  • SELF-PETITIONS--We champion our clients’ citizenship applications, special immigrant, humanitarian  cases and national interest waivers  for extraordinary/exceptional ability aliens.


We take the unbeaten path, within legal and ethical bounds. Our founder’s  first case  in 1995 --  a labor certification application for a  household cook   -- broke ground.

It was  reported by an  authority on labor certification applications. (Read More Recipe Yields One Perfect Cook BALCA Case Summaries 12/97 (http://search.aila.org/searchresults.aspx).


  “  Regarding the case for a Household Cook which I published at my BALCA Summaries……you overcame the burden of proof and established a bona fide job opportunity with extensive, persuasive, and probative documentation”. (Read More REVIEW by Joel Stewart ,editor of The Perm Book on labor certifications, lawyer at Fowler, White Boggs, PA; General Counsel, Brazilian Embassy, Florida).


“I would like to express  my gratitude for the invaluable counsel you gave me regarding my family's attempt to bring a relative to the United States from Bosnia. As a journalist who has covered the incredibly complex and often arcane world of immigration law... I was so impressed with the breadth of your knowledge and experience.

Your ability to strategize and approach a case from a variety of directions is equally impressive. Clearly, you are extremely skilled in your field and a top-notch professional (Lisa Hoffman, Washington DC) Read more client testimonials and success stories.


We   keep our standards of excellence in representing clients by supporting the immigrant and  legal community  through continuing legal education, pro bono and other community outreach. (READ MORE CASE SUMMARIES AND ARTICLES http://search.aila.org/searchresults.aspx) .

Our goal is to   help  transform  simple or complex cases into  success stories  (Read  More about Our Approach and  Read More. Our Client testimonials).

Immigration Practice Area

We represent   both simple and complex immigration and citizenship cases; we help clients with local lives and global ties. (Read more our Smithsonian  2010 Folklife Festival speech, “ Local Lives,  Global Ties; Immigration Stories: How We Got Here” www.folklife.si.edu).


Our  experience includes unique Washington DC Immigration cases, ranging from Visitors B visas to  I-360 special immigrant cases for World Bank retirees and their household employees,  fiancée visas/ green cards for military families.


We have carved an expertise with clients from the Philippines, one of the four largest immigrant groups cited in the Visa Bulletin (www.travel.state.gov). We helped a Filipino  with a relative petition, overcoming her  40 years of unlawful presence, and  remain  in the U.S. with her U.S. citizen family, despite multiple complexities.

 Our clients are international and their cases are varied; an example is the German exceptional ability alien, who we helped win a green card by proving that he transferred green roof technology to the U.S., thus serving U.S. national interest..Another is Ghanian J-1 exchange visa scholar, who we helped with a green card by obtaining a waiver of his home residence requirement under INA Section 212(e), 20 years from his entry.(Read More our Profile).

We help  clients :

  • Apply for Citizenship (Form N-400, N-600)
  • Apply for a Green Card (Form I-485)
  • Help Relatives Immigrate (Form I-130)
  • Renew or Replace Green Card (Form I-90)
  • Comply with Employment Verification (Form I-9)
  • Apply for Employment Authorization (Form I-765)
  • Comply with Affidavit of Support (Form I-864)  to show financial capacity to immigrate
  • Comply with Change  Address requirements (AR 11)

Green Card (Permanent Residence)

  • Renew or Replace Your Green Card
  • Remove Conditions on Your  Green Card
  • Apply for Green Card Through Family-based petition
  • Apply  for Green Card Through a Job ( PERM labor certification, Special Immigration I-360 and Immigrant Workers I-140 Petitions)


  • Citizenship Through Naturalization
  • Citizenship Through Parents
  • Citizenship for Military Members & Dependents
  • The Naturalization Test

Status to Work in the US

  • Permanent Workers ( PERM Labor Certification, I-140 /I-360  Petitions)
  • Temporary (Nonimmigrant)  H-1b, L, E Visas
  • Temporary Visitors for Business  (B-1 Visa)
  • Student and Exchange Visitors ( F-1 and J-1 Visas and Waivers of the 212(e) home residence requirement);
  • National Interest Waiver for Eb-1/Eb-2 visas

Family Unity

  • Family of U.S. Citizens
  • Family of Green Card Holders
  • Family of Refugees & Asylees
  • Fiancé(e) Visas

Humanitarian Relief

  • Battered Spouse, Children & Parents (VAWA, Violence Against Women Act)
  • Refugees & Asylum
  • Humanitarian Parole
  • Victims of Human Trafficking & Other Crimes

Visit to the US

  • Extend Authorized Stay (I-94)
  • Change Nonimmigrant Status (I-539)